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How does a Macerator Work?
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How does a Macerator Work?

how does a macerator work Do you want to improve the flow of your bathroom? You can buy Saniflo macerator pumps online now with Plumbing Sales. How does a macerator work, you might ask? Check out the rest of this article for more information about macerator pumps and why you might need one in your home or business. 

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How does a Macerator work

Saniflo macerators are installed in toilets, bathrooms, and utility rooms. The macerating unit softens and churns up waste that passes through the pump. This makes it easier to dispose of. 

When you flush your toilet (with a macerator pump attached to it), waste passes through the pump instead of moving directly to the outflow pipes. The unit will detect the level of waste inside and activate the macerating process. The inlet valves will be temporarily closed while the blade converts solids into liquid. Once the blades are finished, the valves will open and the liquid will be pumped into the outflow pipes. 

These pumps are also popular in commercial and industrial environments where large solids need to be converted into liquids that are easy to dispose of. 

You can connect your macerator to a variety of plumbing fixtures, including toilets, showers, baths, washing machines, and dishwashers. The powerful pumping system means that you can install your plumbing in areas where regular outflow pipes would not be able to get rid of waste. Pump waste out of any environment with a brand new macerator today.  

Where does Saniflo waste go

How does a macerator work in conjunction with pumping technology? When waste enters the pump it is macerated (divided into tiny pieces combined with water), it’s then pumped through small bore PVC pipe to the main drainage outflow pipes. But where does it go? All Saniflo products are designed to pump waste into a city sewer, septic tank, or soil stack. Basically, it depends on your home. If you have a septic tank your waste will end up there. If you are connected to the sewer, your waste will be disposed of through your pipes and into the sewer system. 

When you’re choosing a discharge pipe for your macerator pump, most common size is 25mm 1” PVC pressure pipe, dimensions vary depending on vertical and horizontal discharge distances and size of pump model and application, refer to model specifications for correct pipe sizing. 

Do you need a macerator pump? 

If your main drainage pipe is really far away from where you want to install a toilet, you can use a macerator pump to discharge waste up to 100 metres away. A pump is the perfect solution for people who want to install a new toilet, add a bathroom or ensuite and existing drainage pipes are in a tricky location where it may be hard to dispose of waste water. 

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How does a macerator work? Now you know! Make sure you take a look at our full range of Saniflo products today to find the right pump for your space. If you have any questions or require any further information please send us an email via our Contact Us page. Plumbingsales always recommends plumbing & electrical installations are carried out by licensed trade professionals. 

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