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Take a look in your bathroom. Is it crying out to be updated? How old is the shower, the vanity, the toilet? If it's the toilet you want to update, then you'll need to understand the different types of toilet suites to make the right choice. If the budget is tight, replace same for same. It's easy and cost-effective because the plumbing configuration and flooring won't need to be changed. As you can imagine, that can save you a lot of money.
When it comes to the , there are different factors involved. If you want to know what PVC DWV pipes are and how they're different to schedule 40 PVC pipes, a good way to begin is by understanding what PVC actually is in the first place. Way back in 1835 the French Chemist H V Regnault prepared vinyl chloride in a laboratory and he observed that in sunlight it changed forms. This new form became known as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Over time, it was discovered that by adding different chemicals to it, PVC could become much more flexible. It became plasticized.
poly pipe and poly pipe fittings
Poly pipe, also known as PE pipe, is very popular for creating piping systems for many reasons. One of those is the vast range of poly pipe and available. With these, you can create a comprehensive piping system for many useful applications. Some of these applications include rural irrigation, drinking water service, and stock watering; mining, slurry and gas lines; sewerage and drainage systems.Each application uses a specific grade of PE pipe. The grades include: PE 100 High density polyethylene (HDPE) Low density polyethylene (LDPE) Along with the various grades of PE pipe and fittings, there are also various methods for joining them.
PVC stormwater pipes can help harness the rainwater to benefit you and the environment Are you the sort of person who loves to sit at the window when it rains, and enjoy how it cleans up the streets, greens up the garden, and brings that smell of freshness afterwards? Rainwater is life-giving. During a storm, instead of letting it all run off into the council drainage system, it can be harnessed through PVC stormwater pipes and used to our benefit. Left untapped, rainwater is a valuable resource that is literally going down the drain.
Child with soap on her face
With Rinnai Infinity continuous flow hot water heaters you'll never run out of hot water If you've ever been the last one to use the shower, and the hot water runs out, you'll know what it feels like. There’s that all too familiar scream echoing through the house. Fortunately, running out of hot water is a thing of the past, thanks to Rinnai Infinity continuous flow hot water heaters. Now you can be sure your hot water never runs out.
White floor tile toilet
Why replace your toilet when you can get toilet spare parts to fix it? It may not be the most talked about topic at a party, but toilet spare parts can certainly be a conversation starter when your toilet no longer works properly, especially if it happens during a party. When a toilet doesn't function properly anymore, most people just throw out the whole toilet and go to the full expense of getting a new one. This is not the wisest plan of attack. With the abundance of factory toilet spare parts available, you can save a lot of money fixing it yourself.
What better way to source additional water, than from the sky. It's free, so capturing it in a rainwater tank makes a lot of sense. You can use it in the garden, or switch between mains and tank water at leisure for supplying water to the house. For many living on rural properties, rainwater and groundwater are their only source of water, because they don't have the luxury of a mains water supply.
If you've never thought about it before, water is an essential nutrient. It hydrates you, which is one of the keys to maintaining optimum health.
Water droplets splash
There are a variety of water filters on the market. Portable water filters for the fridge, water filters for counter tops, undersink water filters for kitchens, and whole house water filters to mention a few. Are whole house water filters worth it or should I just have one in the kitchen?   
Water drops sink
It’s not exactly the most exciting thing in your home to talk about but it is one of the most essential items you’ll find in any home… and that’s the humble sink plug.
Cylindrical head screw Co2
If you look around your home you will most likely find more than one gas appliance. Maybe you have gas cooking appliances, gas heating or a gas BBQ. If you are on a camping holiday, there’s every chance you have a gas cylinder for your portable gas stove.
Sun in the sky
Ultraviolet light is a form of radiation that’s generated by high-temperature surfaces like the Sun and other stars. In fact it is said that about 10% of the sun’s energy consists of ultraviolet light waves. You can’t see these ultraviolet light waves, but you can see the effect it has on humans. 

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