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SANIFLO Pump Macerators


Buy SANIFLO macerator pump online at Plumbing Sales that allows you to add a bathroom; kitchen or laundry anywhere in the home. Browse our range of grey water and sewer pumps for domestic & commercial installations from Australia’s largest online plumbing supplies store.

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A Saniflo macerator pump is a perfect solution where sewer drainage pipes are in a fixed location. Saniflo macerator pumps work on a simple principle. Incoming wastewater automatically activates the internal rotating blades. The blades chop wastewater into a fine slurry enabling it to be pumped out through small bore PVC pipe work. The wastewater then travels via the small pipework back to a point where it can be re-connected to the existing sewer line. As soon as any water enters the pump it is automatically discharged in a matter of seconds.

A Saniflo grey water pump is ideal for kitchen, laundry, shower or hand basin installations. As water flows in, the pressure activated microswitch senses the water level rising and starts the impeller. The wastewater is then pumped out through a small bore PVC discharge pipe usually installed behind plaster walls, under the floor, or in ceiling spaces before it can be re-connected to the existing sewer line.

We also stock a range of grey water and sewer pump lifting stations suitable for commercial use with wastewater from your toilet, dishwashers, sinks or laundry equipment where it's collected and transferred to your existing sewer line.

Sanifloor models allow a shower to be installed easily and cheaply without major work accessing sewer pipes. The pump sucks water from the shower through a gully and then discharges it back to the existing sewer line. This pump can be installed in a walk-in shower without having to raise the shower tray. The results are functional and aesthetically pleasing when the pump is hidden nearby in a cupboard or recess.  

Manufactured in France for over 50 years, Saniflo pumps are a leading worldwide company for plumbing pump fixtures, this versatile equipment can be put to use in any space. When you buy Saniflo macerator pump online with Plumbing Sales, you’ll receive free shipping on all orders over $100. If you have any questions get in touch with us via the contact form

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