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Water Filter Taps

Water Filter Faucet, On Tap Water Filter & Water Filter Taps


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24 Item(s)

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There’s nothing like drinking pure water and now, with the right water filter, you can get it straight from the tap. It is so much more palatable than normal tap water, and better for your body.

When you are buying your on tap water filter from Plumbing Sales, choose your water filter faucet, sink mixer or triple action mixer at the same time. They are the perfect accessory for undersink water filters.

Choices include:

· A single dedicated tap for your filtered water. Designer water filter faucets include the Pure-tec DFU130 with LED Reminder Light. They come in contemporary polished or matt black, chrome, antique rose gold, bronze and more.

· Triple action mixers. Your hot, cold and filtered water can come out of the same tap if you wish. The filtered water is never mixed with the tap water. Styles include cutting edge matt black, matt black and chrome combo, chrome, and there's even a matt black heritage style.

A clever LED reminder light on tap water filter faucets and mixers, tells you when the filter needs changing.

On Tap Water Filter Faucets For The Kitchen, Office, Worksite and more

For the best on tap water filter faucets and mixer taps, Plumbing Sales are the only name you need to know. Whether it's for the home, office or any other scenario, the stylish range from Puretech will always impress.

Being Australia’s largest plumbing supplier means we have the biggest supply in stock, ready to go. Take advantage of our free shipping to most areas for purchases over $200.

Having serviced Australian clients for over 60 years, is proof our prices are unbeatable every day of the year.