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Your guide to selecting water pressure pumps
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Your guide to selecting water pressure pumps

Harvesting rainwater is not only smart, but it's also great for the environment. Nature's gift is free to use. It makes sense to store it when it’s available.

With the right water pressure pumps, you can utilise this water and at the same time do your part for the environment. You'll also be saving on water costs as well which is a handy bonus.

Maybe you're in a remote area where there is no water on tap, so catching it in tanks is a more essential matter.

Wherever you are and whatever the application, there are several deciding factors in choosing the right pump and we're going to have a look at those.

The applications for water pressure pumps

There are many different kinds of pumps and it can be a bit overwhelming when you're wondering which one to buy. Breaking it down into easy steps is the best way to start.

The first step is to determine the application you need it for.

  • Whole of the house
  • Sending water to the garden or for other external use
  • Commercial and agricultural irrigation systems
  • Stormwater, septic treatment systems, waste grey water transfer, sump draining
  • Complimentary water systems plumbed to toilets, washing machines, garden tap with automatic mains water switching

Each pump is designed with a specific flow rate and maximum head of pressure to achieve what the application demands. By paying special attention to these, it will assist you in making the right choice.

Whole of the house pumps

These are designed for sending water into the house for the shower, kitchen, bathroom and appliances. A typical whole of the house pump will perform with a water flow rate of about 100 litres per minute and a maximum head of up to 60m. This is needed to cope with the demand for supply to many outlets and appliances at once with constant pressure.

Variable speed pumps achieve a constant pressure as the flow rate demand increases by using inverter technology. When multiple taps are turned on, the smart technology adjusts the speed of the pump to increase to keep the pressure constant.

These variable speed options are worth investigating because the pump consumes less electricity, which means energy savings.

water pressure pumps

Garden or external use

Garden pumps are designed to provide water hoses with enough pressure to run a small sprinkler system. This way you can keep the veggies coming and the garden beautiful. They're also handy for washing the car or caravan and topping up the pool.

Usually, for these purposes, you'll need a flow rate of up to 60 litres per minute and a maximum head pressure of up to 50 metres.

If your application is for irrigation then you may be looking at a higher flow rate around 85 litres per minute, up to 1000 watts, and a maximum head of 50m+.

Complimentary water systems

Water pressure pumps with mains water switching devices are designed to send water from the rainwater tank to the toilets, washing machine and garden tap. When your rainwater tank is empty, the pump switches over to mains water.

Tanks can empty pretty quickly when being used for the house for flushing toilets and washing clothes, which is why an automatic change over rain mains pump is not only handy but fairly important.

A typical flow rate is up to 200 litres per minute, and the supply pressure of the pump needs to be within 400 kPa of the mains water pressure or it won't completely isolate mains water.

water pressure pumps

Submersible pumps

As you may already know, domestic submersible pumps are designed for applications where the pumps are submersed in water. Typically, they have a separate controller outside the tank or with a controller that is integrated into the pump.

They're the silent operators and free up the space outside the tank, making them a popular choice for complementary water systems.

Submersible pumps for automatic hydraulic rain mains water changeover devices will usually have a flow rate of anywhere from 80 to 100 litres per minute and a maximum head of up to 6m.

There are also submersible pumps for stormwater transfer, septic treatment systems, waste grey water transfer, and sump draining. These generally have a flow rate of up to 300 litres per minute and a maximum head of up to 10m.

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