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Why you need Puretec drinking water units in the workplace
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Why you need Puretec drinking water units in the workplace

Drinking enough water is essential for normal body functioning. It plays a critical part in maintaining good health. With drinking water units in the workplace, you can provide staff with the fresh water they need to drink throughout the day.

You may think you don't have to provide these in your workplace, and that it's the responsibility of the employees to provide their own drinking water. It's understandable to think that way, but it's a common misconception.

Providing drinking water is actually required as part of WHS. If this is news to you, then you must read on to see what your obligations are as an employer.

What the WHS Act says about providing drinking water units

In their document "Managing the work environment and facilities: Code of Practice", goes as far as saying that for a workplace to be compliant with the WHS Act, an employer needs to provide drinking water for all employees.

This drinking water must be separate from washing facilities to avoid contamination. It needs to be clean and accessible to all employees at all times. There are a host of other requirements as well for maintaining compliance.

The Act states that the water needs to be:

  1. free of charge at all times
  2. supplied in a hygienic manner such as a drinking fountain in an upward jet
  3. at or below 24 degrees Celsius which may be achieved by refrigerating the water

These are some of the key conditions that must be met to be compliant.

If you don't have a drinking fountain in place in your commercial premises, or your existing drinking fountain has packed it in, then you need to rectify the situation to maintain a compliant workplace.

drinking water units

There is a solution that offers many benefits.

Puretec drinking fountains are a solution for maintaining compliance

The good news is, Puretec rose to the challenge of WHS compliance for drinking water some years ago.

Puretec is one of the leading manufacturers of pure, filtered drinking water. To help employers maintain compliance, they manufactured a range of water chiller drinking fountains with an internal water filter. These units tick all the boxes.

It's well documented that unfiltered water can contain bacteria and sediment that can be harmful when ingested. In commercial premises, who knows what the quality of the drinking water is? Puretec filtration is designed to combat this by removing contaminants from unfiltered water.

Depending on the type of filter, they can remove:

  • bad taste and odours,
  • chlorine,
  • sediment,
  • chemicals,
  • bacteria,  
  • cysts,
  • and other contaminants down to 0.1 of a micron.

Water filtration is really the only way to know you're providing clean drinking water. There are other key benefits too.

Drinking fountains need to be vandal proof

Sadly, vandalism is a reality in many areas of life. The way to answer it is to stick to drinking fountains that are vandal resistant. Puretec solve this dilemma through design and manufacturing.

Their drinking fountains:

  • are 304-grade stainless steel
  • have vandal-resistant bubblers
  • have an integrated guard to protect against tampering
  • have vandal-proof push-button activations

These qualities go a long way in providing a vandal-proof drinking fountain for staff. There are other benefits as well, such as a carafe for filling drinking bottles. This is not only a major convenience in the workplace but a means of hygienically supplying drinking water as stated in the WHS Act.

drinking water units

Where should you install Puretec drinking water units?

You and your employees constantly need to remain hydrated throughout the workday. This is important. Chilled drinking fountains are the answer, no matter what the commercial environment.

Here are some of the most obvious places that need chilled drinking water fountains:

  • airports
  • hospitals
  • places of education
  • factories and offices
  • gyms and other sporting facilities
  • other commercial high demand areas

By providing filtered drinking water units, you're investing in the well-being of your staff, and that's reason enough in itself.

There are a variety of drinking water unit options available, such as the Puretec D30IC Water Chiller Drinking Fountain Internal Filter - Bubbler & Carafe, available at Plumbing Sales.

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