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Why do water filters need to be replaced? I thought I could keep using it.
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Why do water filters need to be replaced? I thought I could keep using it.

You've bought a new water filter! That's an excellent step. Filtered water is so much more refreshing to drink than water straight from the tap, and there are many health benefits.

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As you probably know everything we own eventually stops working. The car, the TV, the washing machine, and even the water filter. They all wear out eventually and you will need to replace them, but what happens if you don't change your water filter?

A water filter works by allowing smaller water molecules through, and trapping the larger molecules. These larger molecules are the impurities in our tap water or well water.

Eventually over time those impurities build up and the filter becomes clogged. Any clogged or worn out filter won't work effectively and that means back to the bad taste and odours.


What sort of impurities build up in my water filter to make it so clogged?

The impurities that water filters remove include sediments, rust, cysts, bacteria, viruses, chloride, fluoride and trace minerals like iron. With all of these unwanted elements it’s easy to see how your water filter can become so clogged.

An important thing to consider is where you live and the water supply. In most Australian metro areas, the water is cleaner than regional locations. That might make the life of your water filter even shorter.

Another deciding factor is the type of water filter you choose and the treatment it provides. 


What untreated tap water can do to your skin, hair and appliances that use water

Normal tap water looks pretty harmless, but it actually contains additives like chlorine and chloramine. These chemicals can be toxic for your skin. They break down the collagen and cause your skin to dry out. This harshness can then cause skin irritation, wrinkles and scaly skin.

What about your hair? Well, these chemicals strip your hair of natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. When your hair becomes dehydrated, it can lose elasticity and shine. It can also lead to dandruff and other scalp issues.

What about your body? You can get diseases from contaminated water, things like stomach complaints and diarrhoea.

What about the appliances? Ever gone to iron your shirt and seen sediment stained water come out onto your clothes? This is because of the traces of minerals and sediments that have built-up in your iron. It also discolours the internal surfaces of appliances that use tap water.

The simple boiling and heating of normal tap water can cause a build-up of mineral deposits on the inside of everything from kettles to dishwashers, and washing machines.

Wouldn’t you rather replace a water filter than your washing machine?

Important advice on choosing the right water filter system from our friends at Choice Magazine

Choice Magazine gives some important advice on choosing a water filter system. They say to look for certification.

The NSF International provides a range of certifications for products that involve initial and periodic testing, like:

  • NSF 42, which covers aesthetic effects like chlorine, taste, odour and particles.
  • NSF 53, which covers health effects like cysts (giardia, cryptosporidium), organic chemicals (like THM and pesticides) and heavy metals.
  • NSF-58, which covers reverse osmosis
  • The Australian standard AS/NZS4348 covers a wide range of contaminants, such as taste, odour and microbiological and chemical impurities.

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What happens if you don't change your water filter? Don’t wait to find out.

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