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Is UV treated water harmful?
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Is UV treated water harmful?

The power of ultraviolet light, what it is and what it can do for us

Ultraviolet light is a form of radiation that’s generated by high-temperature surfaces like the Sun and other stars. In fact it is said that about 10% of the sun’s energy consists of ultraviolet light waves. You can’t see these ultraviolet light waves, but you can see the effect it has on humans.

That can be harmful or beneficial in the case of an ultraviolet water treatment system.

Sunset - Why an ultraviolet water treatment system is an effec-tive way of killing bacteria in water

When we spend a day at the beach, your suntan or sunburn is the result of ultraviolet light exposure on your skin. It only takes a short period of time to burn your skin because it is a very powerful energy. It exists in several forms including UVA, UVB and UVC light.

UV radiation also plays an essential part in our health and well-being. One of the benefits of UV exposure is it triggers the production of Vitamin D. It also can help improve our mood and increase our energy. So when it comes to our skin it’s a matter of balance.

Ultraviolet light is also used for commercial purposes, like an ultraviolet water treatment system.

Ultraviolet light has been harnessed by humans for commercial purposes so it can benefit us

Scientists learnt how to reproduce ultraviolet light waves. This brought about whole new possibilities. Think of UV lamps and tanning beds, microwave ovens, welding torches and things like these. They all use Ultraviolet light.

UVC light was found to be very useful for sterilizing surfaces and surgical equipment, destroying harmful micro-organisms in food products and in the air.

Then it was found that UV light could also be used for treating and disinfecting water.

How does an ultraviolet water treatment system work and is UV treated water harmful?

‘Is UV treated water harmful?’ is a frequently asked question, so we need to look at how it works.

An ultraviolet water treatment system does not use chemicals or create harmful chemical by-products.

Here’s basically how it works.

An ultraviolet water treatment system contains a low-pressure, high-output lamp. This lamp generates a high intensity of UV light which treats bacteria and viruses in the water.

How does it do that? UV light damages the cells in micro-organisms. It can kill or inactivate bacteria, fungi, viruses, toxins and parasites.

Some parasites have protective or thick cell walls that some low power UV light treatment systems can’t penetrate. That’s why specially designed UV light disinfection systems are used for killing these micro-organisms.

Should I just have UV treated water, or do I need a water filtration system as well?

An ultraviolet water treatment system comes highly recommended when there is a need to destroy E. Coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium or other harmful bacteria and viruses found in water.

But UV rays will not remove chlorine, sediments, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. This is done when pairing them with carbon filters or reverse osmosis filters.

The combined effect removes these contaminants and sediments and ensures that the resulting purified water is the purest you can have.

Water - Why an ultraviolet water treatment system is an effec-tive way of killing bacteria in water

So which type of ultraviolet water treatment system should I get for our home

When it comes to buying an ultraviolet water treatment system, there are some really good options on the market.

  • Undersink ultraviolet filter systems for treating rainwater and other untreated water
  • Dual whole house ultraviolet water filter system, with both water filtration and ultraviolet treatment in the one unit
  • Triple action whole house ultraviolet water filter system, for both mains and rainwater supply with 3 filter stages plus ultraviolet
  • Ultraviolet water treatment system connections, with models for the home and for heavy duty commercial use

Whether it is tap water or rain water, home or commercial premises, there is an ultraviolet water treatment system for you, like the Puretec Hybrid G7 Dual Whole House Ultraviolet Water Filter System in large 20".

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