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What to Look for When You Buy Water Filter Cartridges
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What to Look for When You Buy Water Filter Cartridges

Go for quality when you buy water filter cartridges

Where do you buy water filter cartridges that work the best? You need a variety of quality water filters to choose from to find what’s best for you and your needs.

There are many benefits to having access to filtered water, allowing you to drink healthier and safer water. With quality water filters, you get that pristine water that’s more reliable and longer lasting.

With a stronger focus on health and well-being, there is no need to take the risks with unfiltered water when the alternative is affordable, easily accessible and gives you true peace of mind.

When you look at all the advantages of filtered water and what the top water filter cartridges can offer, there’s a clear and simple choice for clean, healthy water.

The different types of water filters

These days, there are a variety of filter cartridges on the market. 

To work out which filter is best for you is easier when you know what you want from your filtered water. Before you get stressed or overwhelmed with all the choices available, look at the needs of your home and family or your commercial or industrial needs.

The choice of water filter cartridges includes;

  • Membrane 
  • Carbon
  • Sediment
  • Fridge cartridges
  • Fluoride removal units
  • and under sink cartridges

There is no need to get confused about all the options. 

The best idea is to work out what you want to use your water for and where you will store the water filter unit.

One thing is for certain, buying quality water filters will bring you better results and cleaner water for longer. 

The last thing you need is to have water that is compromised in its quality and to constantly replace your filter cartridges every few weeks.

The benefits of filtered water

The problems with unfiltered water can be many and varied. There is a long list of issues that can affect the quality and purity of your water supply. Often these issues are out of our personal control. One thing you can control is the water quality you drink, use for washing and cooking.

The many benefits of using filtered water include;

  • Better ability to absorb nutrients
  • Protection and hydration of your skin
  • Detoxification
  • Improved mental function
  • Protection of hair and scalp
  • Reduction of bacteria
  • Better digestion
  • Strengthening the immune system

These benefits are especially important for young children as they develop.

Then there are the additional advantages of using water filtration for specific areas of your home or for whole of house applications. 

Eliminating impurities can improve the working and longevity of everything from pipes to appliances, tapware and showerheads.

kitchen with water filter under sink 

Making more of your water source

An important thing to know when you're looking to buy water filter cartridges is knowing the source of your water supply. This will depend on where you live and how old your home and pipes are.

Water supply is usually from mains water, but there are also rain water, bore water and other water sources that will affect the quality.

The good news is that there are water filter cartridges that are specially designed for such purposes and the range of issues related to each specific water source. 

As an example, a property that uses rainwater may face problems with sediment, organic material, taste and odours. This is when the right water filter can make all the difference to the water quality.

Any harmful sediment, dust, rust particles and bacteria sometimes found in water tanks can be prevented from coming through the water supply to the house. 

Only the right water filter cartridges will do the job properly and that’s when you need to know that you can rely on the quality of brand you choose.

Water glasses & jug with lemon and herbs

Choosing the best water filter cartridge

Whenever someone is looking to buy water filter cartridges, the highest quality cartridges should always be the main goal. This is where the Puretec range leads the way.

With constant innovation and technological advances, Puretec remains a leader in the field of quality water filtration. Whether it is for residential or commercial use, there is no better way to improve and maintain the quality of your water.

Once you know which issues you are faced with from the source of your water supply, you can find the best possible water filtration system to deal with them. 

That’s where Puretec stands head and shoulders above the others in its ability to cover a wide range of water purification issues.

The Puretec series of water filter cartridges are specially constructed from durable materials to give longer lasting daily use. With Puretec, you have access to a selection of cartridges that can be easily washed for reuse which reduces the impact on the environment and saves you money.

Puretec filter cartridges can be found in a variety of environments including residential, commercial, agricultural and even industrial applications.

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