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Puretec reverse osmosis water filters
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What are Puretec reverse osmosis water filters?

You might know the very basics of water filtration, but when it comes to Puretec reverse osmosis water filters, this may need a little more unpacking. That's understandable when there are so many different water filtration systems on the market. Each of them seem to suit different applications and offer different levels of contaminant removal.

In this article, we'll cover 4 keys to understanding reverse osmosis water filtration: 

  1. How reverse osmosis filters work
  2. What it removes
  3. What it's used for
  4. Steps for protecting your system

By the end, you should be better informed on reverse osmosis water filtration. This will assist you to make the best decision for buying your own water filtration system.

How Puretec reverse osmosis water filters work

To answer this question, let's first explain what reverse osmosis is.

It's the process where water is passed through a fine, semi-permeable membrane. This process allows the finest water molecules through but virtually nothing else. The salt, additives, sediment and impurities that are in the water are left behind. This is because they have larger molecules than water molecules and they simply can't pass through.

The Puretec filtration process uses pressure to push the water through. The contaminants are carried away in waste water which is called a reject stream, while the remaining permeate or filtered water is retained.

All that's left is pure water.

It's important to note there's often more than one stage for reverse osmosis water filtration. In a two stage process the larger particles are removed first in a pre-filtration process. Then the water passes through the membrane to remove the rest.

It doesn't just stop at two stages. You can get reverse osmosis systems that have more than two stages. At each stage, more and more contaminants and particles are removed.

When there's more than one stage, the reject water is not sent down the drain. Instead, it is passed through the next filter to remove more particles. This process repeats for as many stages as the system has. This way there's less waste water and you end up with a higher quality permeate.


Puretec reverse osmosis water filters

What it removes

As the pressurised water passes through each stage, it removes particles of all different sizes. This can be any number of additives and contaminants.

Reverse osmosis removes:

  • sediment
  • organics
  • bacteria
  • pyrogens
  • minerals
  • salt
  • and more

Through the various stages of Puretec reverse osmosis water filters, you end up with the removal of up to 98% of all impurities, heavy metals, salts, viruses, bacteria, cysts, fluoride, nitrate, chlorine, any taste, odour, and chemicals.

What reverse osmosis water flitration is for

There are different domestic reverse osmosis filtrations systems on the market for use in the home, caravan and other places. Some systems can be fixed under the sink in the kitchen or the bathroom, and other systems are portable. 

Reverse osmosis is not only useful in domestic situations. On the Victorian Government website, it describes how Victoria's desalinated water is produced at the Wonthaggi plant through the use of reverse osmosis technology. It separates salt from seawater to provide drinking water for Victorian homes.

Because reverse osmosis produces demineralized or deionized water, it's a technology that is also popular for many other industrial applications that require this type of highly filtered water. With even more treatment, such as mixed bed deionization, it can increase the quality of the permeate and make it suitable for the most demanding applications.

Puretec reverse osmosis water filters

Protecting your reverse osmosis system for longevity

Like anything, if you look after it well, it will serve you well. To preserve and protect the reverse osmosis system, it requires the correct pretreatment and monitoring.

This will help prevent:

  • fouling of the system,
  • scaling, and
  • residual chlorine.

With the correct care and experienced service support, reverse osmosis water filtration systems can provide many years of high quality pure water.

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