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Choosing the right shower head
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Choosing the right shower head

Having the perfect flow of water over you is a thing of beauty and relaxation.

This is why there is something truly special about finding that flow with the very best match in plumbing supplies and shower heads.

There is more to consider when you’re choosing the right shower head and it can be strange to find what seems a simple task will turn into a complicated choice.

Here are a few handy tips to help make that choice simpler and smoother to ensure you make the best possible choice from all the various plumbing supplies and shower heads on the market.

What to look for in a shower head

There are specific design features that can make a significant difference to your shower.

The design styles include;

  • Fixed or wall-mounted shower heads
  • Fixed-arm wall-mounted
  • Fixed overhead rain-shower
  • Adjustable handheld cradle or sliding rail
  • Aerating shower head

The variations of the shower head can mean a difference in the look, feel, and flow of the water. It’s important to consider the use of the shower and the cost of each shower head option in the long term.

The keys to choosing the right shower head for you and your home can come down to how important are the key factors, such as;

  • The size of the shower head
  • The different spray options
  • The length of the shower arm
  • The water rating

When it comes to the actual shower head, you have a choice of different sizes. This is when people often choose a wider shower head as it offers a fuller and broader coverage for the body.

Rain showers have a large head and wide pattern of spray which is specially designed to create a gentler flow by minimising the water pressure. These are a favourite in many homes but may not prove ideal if you have a shower with limited space.

Hand-held shower heads have become the most popular choice of shower head. Whether it’s replacing an existing showerhead or you are renovating an old shower, hand-held showerheads offer a versatility that is hard to beat.

Unlike some plumbing supplies and shower heads, the handheld option usually comes packaged as a detachable hose and mount for the showerhead. The showerhead can be left in place like a fixed shower head or taken off the wall for rinsing your body or hair, cleaning the shower itself, or filling up something outside the shower.

It is the perfect choice to make it easier to use by young children as well as the elderly. This includes someone who has been injured or incapacitated and needs to be seated in the shower.

As a multi-purpose option, it is easy to see how the versatility of a handheld shower head has made it the ‘go to’ choice. 

plumbing supplies shower heads

The adjustable spray is not always a strong consideration, but this is a valuable asset if the shower is used by different people with different needs or likes. If you or the family would rather not be stuck with one type of jet, a shower head with adjustable spray settings is ideal.

Water efficiency

An important consideration to remember is how efficient your new shower head will be. With the growing costs of utilities and especially water use, make sure to look for the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme that applies to a number of household products, including showerheads. This gives each option a specific rating and label according to their water efficiency. A three-star rating is currently the highest rating for shower heads.

While style and the different spray options are important, it should not be at the cost of your overall water efficiency.

The average Australian spends 7 minutes taking a daily shower and sometimes even twice a day. That amounts to a large amount of water and is multiplied by how many household users you have.

Weighing up the costs of the different shower heads

The simplest and most budget-friendly shower heads are the wall-mounted versions.

Your showerhead needs to meet your needs and your budget. Wall-mounted shower heads are often more affordable and easier to install than something like a rainfall showerhead. They won’t need any additional plumbing either. The other advantage is that they can be swapped for a handheld model down the track without much fuss.

One possible disadvantage of a wall-mounted version is the restrictions on the motion and ability to change the direction and the spray pattern.

plumbing supplies shower heads

Quality and reliability

Whichever shower head you choose it is important to factor in how frequently this product will be used and by whom.

In the case of children, a hand-held shower head can easily be dropped or mishandled which will increase the wear and tear on the product itself.

If you choose a cheaper version, you could see yourself having to replace it before too long.
It often pays to buy better quality plumbing supplies and shower heads than those with the lowest price tag.

Reliability and any warranty conditions are key factors to look out for. This is especially true when buying a handheld shower head.

The warranty on the sliding rail and hose is important because they will constantly be moved around. You can expect to pay a higher price for your handheld shower head over a wall-mounted version for this reason.

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