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5 reasons why you need whole house water filters
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5 reasons why you need whole house water filters

Nothing compares to pure, filtered drinking water. The refreshing taste and abundant health benefits that whole house water filters bring, makes them a great addition to the home. Once you've experienced the refreshing taste there's no turning back.

You'll already know that for your body to function properly, you need to consume a certain amount of water each day. The question is, are you sure you're happy with drinking water that is treated with chlorine and can still contain harmful bacteria, chemicals, and contaminants?

A water filter for the whole house is the perfect solution, and the bonus is, it gives you more than just pure, drinking water. Here are 5 key reasons you need one.

Whole house water filters remove the nasties going into your body

Whether it's tap water, or rain water from your tank, without a water filter you're leaving your body exposed to contaminants. By installing a water filter for the whole house, you're keeping the nasties out of your drinking water.

There are hundreds of physical, biological, chemical and other elements that water filters remove with their various filtration methods. This includes lead, bacteria, sediment, calcium, minerals, salt, carcinogens, chlorine and more.

With pure water, you and your family can drink water freely from any outlet in the home without all the harmful contaminants.

You can't beat the taste of pure filtered water

You may not realise it, but if you've been drinking tap water all your life, you've become used to the taste. This is one reason why you may have bad experiences when you travel. The water where you live may be treated differently to water in other areas. This is why you notice the taste is significantly different.

The first time you drink filtered water, you experience a taste that you've never experienced before. It's hard to explain it, other than with words such as pure, clean and refreshing. It's different to what you're used to. It's far more enjoyable to drink.

When using ice made from filtered water, you also benefit in a commercial sense. The drinks you offer patrons are better tasting.   

Not only does the pure taste enhance your drinking experience, but all of a sudden your meals are different. By using filtered water in your cooking, the food tastes better, because chemicals and harmful contaminants are filtered out.

As you can see, pure tasting water has a ripple effect.

What about your skin and hair?

Whole house water filters for shower outlets

Pure water comes out of every outlet in the home

The third reason whole house water filters are essential is they provide pure water to every outlet. This gives you a feeling of total protection and security, not just for you but your entire family. Even your pets benefit when you fill their water bowl.

Filtered water from every tap benefits you in numerous ways, including:

  • Pure quality drinking water at every outlet
  • Your skin is bathing in softer water at bath and shower time
  • Your hair is being washed in softer water
  • It removes the agitation hard water causes on skin and scalp
  • Helps combat psoriasis, eczema and dandruff

Pure water benefits your skin and hair.

There's another reason for having water filtration throughout the whole house that you may have never thought about.  

Your appliances are protected when they use filtered water

Have you ever gone to iron your clothes and to your horror, out of the iron comes this dirty, stained water? Now, your best outfit is stained. Permanently. You'll never get that stain out.

With pure filtered water, your iron is protected. There's no scaling, no build up of minerals, no more heart-breaking stains on your best clothes.

It's not just your iron that benefits.

5 reasons why you need whole house water filters

Everything that uses water, is now using pure filtered water. The washing machine, the dish washer, the shower heads, all the pipes and taps are protected. There's no more scaling, no more mineral deposits, no more bad odours. This means you are also protected.

There's one more reason you may not have thought of.

Prepared in the case of contamination outside your control

Have you ever experienced a bad storm, and then afterwards all the tap water has turned brown and stays that way for quite some time?

This effect can also happen when the council has contracted works to be done to the water pipes. The dislodging of sediment due to disruptions or storms, discolours the tap water and it can last for quite some time.

With whole house water filters, your water supply is always protected, no matter what.

It's crystal clear that a water filtration system for the whole house is the way to go, such as the Puretec Hybrid G13 Triple Action Whole House Ultraviolet Water Filter System 20.

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