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Tips to select the right mixer taps
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5 handy tips to select the right mixer taps

Ever tried to turn off a traditional tap that uses washers and it still leaks no matter how hard you turn it off?

Ever struggled turning on a traditional tap that has been turned off too tightly?

If so, you'll already appreciate that mixer taps are heaven sent.

In this guide, 5 handy tips to select the right mixer taps, we address the key things you need to know to help you choose the best mixer tap.

You might think it's a no-brainer choosing mixer taps for your outlets, and in a sense, you're right. However, it's easy to miss out on choosing the best one if you don't completely understand how they work, all the varieties available to you, and the wonderful features you can have.

Being fully informed means you'll reap the benefits.


What are mixer taps?

The first of our tips to select the right mixer taps is to understand what mixer taps actually are.

Up until 1985, most households in Australia were using the traditional 3 piece tapware arrangement. Then, Dorf came along and introduced Australia's first single lever mixer tap. It was a revolution in tapware.

Here are the main differences with mixer taps:

Generally, a mixer tap has a ceramic cartridge, not a washer like traditional tapware. This eliminates the need to turn off the tap hard. It's a simple, effortless on and off action by moving a lever.

A lever operates the tap. A single mixer tap delivers the hot and cold water using one control lever. Depending on where you move the lever, you can adjust the mix ratio of hot and cold water, and the flow rate.

There are also dual lever mixer taps, which simply means you have a lever for each of the hot and cold taps. The dual lever means you control the temperature by adjusting both levers.


What outlet are you fitting the mixer tap to?

The next step in choosing the right mixer tap is determining the outlet. The range of mixer taps are designed for specific outlets with benefits and functionality to match.

There are a wide variety of mixer taps designed for the:

  • Shower

  • Bath

  • Vanity

  • Kitchen

  • Laundry

Remember to check whether your outlet is wall mounted or bench mounted.


Tips to select the right mixer taps


Understand the types of mixer taps available for basins

Next in our tips to select the right mixer taps is understanding the choices you have, and the features and benefits of each. One thing they all have in common is style. They can look fabulous. The most popular stylings are contemporary, and these add a real sophistication to a space.

The types of mixer taps and their features include:

  • High rise. The outlet is set high above the basin, offering abundant room under the tap

  • Goose neck. As the name suggests it's a rounded goose neck shape, also offering ample room under the tap

  • Pull out and pull down. These tap heads are attached to a hose you can pull out of the faucet and move directly to the object or area you're needing to clean

  • Swivel spout. The spout can be conveniently rotated to a different position at the basin

  • Filtered mixer taps. Pure filtered water is part of the taps functionality

  • Care mixer taps. Extended levers make it easy to turn them on and off with features for added infection control

  • Dual lever mixer taps. There is a lever for each of the hot and cold taps

These are the most common types of mixer taps and their functionality.


Understanding the types of mixer taps available for showers and baths

Along with a fabulous choice of mixer taps for basins, there's a range for the bath and shower. The choices here focus on the different types of diverter valves you can have in the mixer taps.

Here are the most common diverter valves for mixer taps in the shower:

  • 2-valve diverter. This is a valve that allows you to change which outlet the water comes from for a bath/shower arrangement.

  • 3-way diverter valve. This gives you the option of sending the water to one of three different outlets, the bath, shower head or rain shower.

  • 4-way diverter valve. This is for serving four outlets, for instance, dual rain showers, a hand shower and bath. It gives you the option of sending the water to four different outlet.

With the right choice of mixer in the shower, it can greatly enhance your bathroom experience.

Modern white bathroom with mixer taps - Tips to select the right mixer taps


Choosing the style and finish

The last in our tips to select the right mixer taps is design. When you look at the design of your space, the question is simply, what style of mixer tap looks the best?!

This is where your personal taste comes into it:

  • Does the high rise mixer tap look fabulous with your above counter bowl at the vanity?

  • Does the goose neck pull out spray look sensational in the laundry?

  • Does the rail shower mixer tap look perfect in your shower?

  • Do the finishes match and enhance the other tapware and the design of the space?

By ticking all the boxes in this guide, you're sure to make a fabulous choice, such as the Dorf Inca Sink Mixer Chrome 6404.044A 4 Star 7.5L/Min goose neck design, fully adjustable with flexible hose, available at Plumbing Sales.


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