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Zip HT1785 HydroTap BA Classic Boiling Ambient Filtered Chrome Residential

Provides boiling and ambient filtered water with classic chrome tap for use in residential household and similar applications such as residential kitchens, hotels, motels, bed and breakfast and other residential type environments.
Model HT1785
Tap Classic Chrome
Water Supply Cold
Boiling temperature can be pre-set from 100°C down to 68°C.
Power-Pulse™ technology maintains boiling water to within 0.2°C of set temperature.
Sleeps or “powers off” after two hours of non use to minimize daily power consumption.
Automatically sleeps when the kitchen goes dark for added power savings overnight.
Inbuilt 24/7 automatic timer turns power on and off over weekends or weekday periods.
Unit Dimensions Height 333mm x Width 280mm x Depth 313mm
Warranty 36 months plus additional 24 months tank warranty
Zip National after sales support and warranty conditions apply
Font kit installation sold separately. Refer code 90915
Refer below for technical information & download
Lead Time: 7 - 10 Business Days
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CODE: 1629148


Zip HydroTap HT1785 G4 Classic boiling and ambient filtered water appliance featuring a single under bench command centre including full colour interactive touch screen display with pin code protection. Two boiling water safety modes and 3 energy saving modes including sensor activated "sleep when it’s dark" with 0.2 micron water filtration.