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Drinking Water Units

Drinking Water Units, Free Standing Water Chiller & Water Drinking Fountain


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A water drinking fountain is a necessity anywhere there are people. Whether it’s your office, factory, University, gym, hospital or any commercial site, a water drinking fountain is a great investment.

Workers can stay hydrated so they work better. Students stay hydrated so they are more alert. Gym goers can fill their water bottles during their work out. The list goes on.

Plumbing Sales have the leading brands in Puretec and Zip Drinking Water Units that guarantee years of service.

What kind of filtered and non-filtered water drinking fountains are available for commercial use?

There are several ways to go when choosing a water drinking fountain.

Puretec manufacture quality-made and reliable filtered Drinking Water Units for commercial sites where aesthetics is an important factor.

Options include:

· Internal filter or external filter

· Vandal proof Bubbler

· Bubbler only version or combination Bubbler plus Carafe (for refilling water bottles)

· Cooling capacities from 10 to 30 litres per hour

Zip are makers of a heavy duty, non-filtered Free Standing Water Chiller range specifically for factories, work sites and site sheds. These drinking water units come with a heavy duty Bubbler only, or combination of heavy duty Bubbler and Carafe.

Plumbing Sales have a complete range of filtered and non-filtered drinking water units online

Plumbing Sales have the best price in Australia on chilled drinking water units.

We have the leading brands ready for you, with the Puretec filtered Free Standing Water Chiller range, and Zip non-filtered Free Standing Water Chiller models. Remember deliveries are free for orders over $200.

When you hear the name Plumbing Sales, you know you get the best quality at the best prices, online, anytime. The only name you need to know for any plumbing supplies is Plumbing Sales.