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Puretec Legionella Filters


Having clean water that’s properly and thoroughly filtered through a Legionella filter is easier than ever thanks to Plumbing Sales.

Protecting yourself and your employees from the effects of Legionnaire’s disease is a lot simpler than you think when you purchase a quality Legionella filter.

By filtering the water of your air-conditioning system, you can stop the spread of the bacteria in the most effective ways.


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When it comes to the effects of Legionnaire’s disease, you don’t get second chances.

Whether it’s for a hospital, University, school campuses or any large building’s water system, you can be sure you have everyone safe from the risks of Legionella in the water.

You can now have the best of the best available from the leading brand in the filtration industry – that’s Puretec. Legionella filter products include;

  • - Inline Filters
  • - Shower Head Filter Systems
  • - Tap Outlet Filter System
  • - Shower and Tap filter replacement cartridges

When it comes to purification, Puretec is the trusted name.

This means you have a filter system that is laboratory tested and certified – like the LPX-TAP system.

The lifespan of LPX cartridges is up to 5,000 litres or 6 months usage.

Keeping your workplace water clean and safe

Having a healthy workplace and a healthy workforce is all the more important these days.

Preventing Legionella bacteria is easier than you think.

Finding the best Legionella filter and water filters are here at Plumbing Sales. 

There’s no need to shop here, there and everywhere to get what you’re looking for in a quality product from the most trusted supplier.

The advantage of Plumbing Sales

You have the ultimate in plumbing supplies with Plumbing Sales.

The issues brought up by the devastating bushfires and wide-ranging dust storms show how important it is to have a clean water system and maintain it.

You’ll also find the best in rainwater purifiers to ensure your water is the highest quality.

Remember that you get the bonus of Free Shipping with any orders over $200 (to most areas).

Buying online from Plumbing Sales gives you the ultimate in convenience.

For more details on our extensive range of products, just send us an email via our Contact Us page and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Shop online whenever you like 24/7, where you can save both time and money with the plumbing supply experts – that’s Plumbing Sales.