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Rainwater Purifier


Get your water clean and ready to use with a rainwater purifier from Plumbing Sales.

With the devastating bushfires comes the added problem of fire contaminated water supplies.

Throughout both rural and urban areas the smoke haze and accompanying ash and debris has come down in thunderstorms or showers, the contamination is widespread.

The dust storms that have also engulfed the entire state is another problem that can be remedied by having rainwater purifier on your side.


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You can never underestimate the need for a rainwater tank purifier.

With the horrific bushfires of 2019/20, the widespread presence of ash and debris has meant a huge number of rainwater supplies have been badly affected.

The appearance and taste of water has been affected and whilst it is unlikely to be a health risk, there are reasons to be concerned.

Because of the many unknown factors created by a bushfire, any rainwater that could be affected needs to be addressed case-by-case.

Having a rainwater purifier that doesn’t affect the colour or odour of the water is a priority.

The powerful of Puretec

To get a truly effective rainwater purifier, Puretec is the only name you need to know.

Puretec Tanksafe is a colourless and odourless, meaning it is ideal for drinking water. It’s one of the most cost-effective and easy to manage ways of purifying your rainwater.

With its thorough cleaning properties, you can kill germs, viruses and other pathogens and protect your tank rainwater for up to 2 months.

The Plumbing Sales Advantage

Now is the perfect time to get your rainwater tank purifier. The episodes with the bushfires and dust storms is a reminder of exactly how precious it is to have pure water when you need it.

You’ll also find the best in filter kits to ensure your water is the highest quality.

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Buying online from Plumbing Sales gives you the ultimate in convenience. You can find everything from rainwater tank purifier supplies, water filter kits and a whole range of top plumbing products for a great price.

It’s all here waiting for you 24/7.

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