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Pressure Gauges

A pressure gauge is a critical piece of equipment in pumping and irrigation projects. When the pressure's on to get an accurate measurement in water lines, pumps and general applications, the gauge needs to be top quality and highly accurate. Well, you've come to the right place.

Plumbing Sales has a range of high-quality liquid pressure gauges made from the best materials, to Australian standards. With this level of quality, you're guaranteed an accurate measurement and one that you can rely on.

There are a variety of sizes and Kpa in the range, and they're available right here at Plumbing Sales.


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Why pay higher prices for a liquid pressure gauge when the lowest prices are online at Plumbing Sales

Plumbing sales offers the lowest prices on plumbing supplies Australia-wide, including liquid pressure gauges. These can be used on compatible gases and liquids within non-corrosive applications where the medium won't attack brass or bronze.

There are many features and benefits of the range at Plumbing Sales.

These include;

  • Accuracy +-1.6% of full scale
  • Operating temp of -20°C to 60°C
  • 304 Stainless steel case to endure harsh environmental conditions
  • Crimped ring housing with polycarbonate window
  • Brass internals
  • Bottom entry connection in brass
  • 250 to 600 Kpa
  • Sizes 63 x 6, or 100 x 10
  • Plumbing Sales also has the complete AVG Plumbers Water Pressure Test Kit PTK1 at the lowest price.

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