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Motorsan 3 Domestic Grey Waste Pump - Sink Basin Shower Bath Trough Dishwasher W-Machine

Grey water pump designed for domestic household use only.
Possible Connections Kitchen Sink, Laundry Trough, Hand Basin, Shower, Bidet, Bath, Dishwasher, Washing Machine or Bar
Vertical Pumping Height Up to 5m
Horizontal Pumping Distance Up to 50m
Recommended Waste Pipe Diameter 25mm uPVC pressure pipe
Normal Operating Temperature 35˚C and max 55˚C for 5 minutes
Electrical Power Supply 230-240V / 50Hz
Motor Power Rating 400W
Dimensions 480mm W x 340mm H x 250mm D
Accessories All connectors supplied
Motorsan products are covered by a 2 year Warranty.
Refer DOWNLOAD for Technical information and specifications
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CODE: 1621268


Motorsan 3 grey water pump is used to discharge waste water from a kitchen sink, laundry trough, bar, shower, bath, bidet, wash basin and washing machines. It is designed for domestic household use only. A food waste dispenser cannot be connected to this pump. Grey waste water is produced from general domestic fixtures such as vanity basins, kitchen sinks, laundry troughs, clothes washers, dishwashers, baths and showers. A grey water pump has the ability to pump grey waste water without the need to rely on traditional gravity fed plumbing methods. As the pipes are significantly smaller than traditional drainage pipes they can be easily concealed within wall cavities and ceiling voids, installed in a basement, hallway cupboard or under stairs.