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Caravan & Portable Filters

Caravan Water Filter & Portable Water Filter


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You never know what the water is going to be like at caravanning sites and remote loca-tions when you’re on holidays. The easiest solution? Take a Puretec Caravan Water Filter with you for pure, filtered water while you’re away.

A Puretec Caravan Water Filter is a much more convenient way to ensure protection from impurities and bad tasting tap water while you’re away. It is a far superior option to lugging around several heavy cartons of bottled water.

Puretec have a few different ways of supplying filtered water for your adventure.

Which Puretec Caravan Water Filter is the best option when you go on holidays?

Puretec have the most convenient water filter options for caravans, boats, motorhomes and the RV, including;

  • Puretec CR20 Inline Compact Caravan Water Filter. The ultimate portable water filter. Small, light, robust, connects straight to garden hose fittings. The perfect com-pact option for filling your caravan’s water tank.
  • Puretec CR45 Caravan Water Filter Kit Twin Housing. Big brother to the CR20. Perfect for filling the water tank to your caravan. Simple connection to garden hose fittings. Includes silver impregnated cartridge which inhibits bacterial growth and washable sediment removal cartridge.
  • Puretec CT15 Counter Top Drinking Water Filter System. The ultimate port-able water filter for the counter top in your caravan, boat or motorhome. Connects straight to the sink tap. Pure water for drinking and cooking.
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